Neo X is in sync with most Ethereum JSON-RPC methods, but there are some differences to note:

  • eth_chainId — returns the chain ID of Neo X.

  • eth_hashrate — returns 0x0 by default.

  • eth_coinbase — returns the GovReward contract address.

  • eth_gasPrice — returns the maximum value of the current network GAS price and the lowest allowed GAS price by Neo X Policy.

  • eth_maxPriorityFeePerGas — returns an estimated value of priority fee to get a transaction allowed by Neo X Policy and in the current block.

  • eth_getUncleByBlockHashAndIndex — returns null by default.

  • eth_getUncleByBlockNumberAndIndex — returns null by default.

  • eth_getUncleCountByBlockHash — returns 0 by default.

  • eth_getUncleCountByBlockNumber — returns 0 by default.

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